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Järämä WWII Fortification Camp
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In Enontekiö approx. 17km from the Village of Karesuvanto towards Kilpisjärvi
Address: Järämän linnoitusalue, Käsivarrentie 5465, FI-99470 Karesuvanto
Enontekiön Kehitys Oy, Järämä, Ounastie 165, 99400 Eontekiö

+358 (0)16 524 605, Enontekiö Travel info
+358 (0)400 556 215


2015: Mon-Fri 22.6.-18.9. Mon-Fri 11-18
Entrance fees:  
adults 5,5€, children 2,5 €, children under 6 free of charge
family-ticket 13,5 €, incl. two adults and their 6-16 years old children
groups: 3,6 €/person/at least 10 person in one group

The theme of the museum’s exhibition is war-time events in Fell Lapland. The exhibition also touches upon the evacuation of the civilian population and the subsequent period of reconstruction. The renovated fortification camp is part of the Sturmbock-Stellung fortification built by the Germans in 1942-44. The area features hundreds of metres of trenches, various machine gun and heavy gun nests, and five renovated dugouts.
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