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Skierri - Fell Lapland Nature and Culture Centre
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Peuratie 15
FI-99400 Enontekiö
+358 (0)205 64 7950
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Free entrance to the visitor centre.

In the spring of 2007, the Vuovjjuš - Wanderers exhibition was opened at the Skierri - Fell Lapland Nature and Culture Centre. The exhibition introduces the nomadic Sami culture and the special character of the natural world in the North. The reindeer has the leading role in the exhibition, as it represents the relationship between the local people and the wildlife. In the land of fells and rivers, animals and people alike move according to their sources of livelihood and traditions.
The nomadic Sami exhibition has been organized by the Sami Museum Siida and Johtti Sápmelaččat association. Metsähallitus has been responsible for the extension work to the building, the organization of various wildlife, history, hiking, and children’s exhibitions, and the alteration of the Yrjö Kokko library.


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