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Siida is the home of the Sami Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre.  With its cultural and nature exhibitions, it is both a meeting place and an exhibition centre. It provides the visitor with new insights into and information on Sami culture and the nature of Northern Lapland.

The Sami museum was founded in 1959, when the collection of Sami buildings and artefacts started. The museum was first opened to the public in 1962. Since the beginning of 1999, the Sami museum has held the position of a national special museum.

The cultural ecological exhibitions of Siida illustrate the adaptation of natural life and the Sami people to the extremities of life in the North. Combining their knowledge and expertise, the Sami museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre have created a rich information package around the northern seasonal cycle. The introductory exhibition explores the development of the natural world and culture in the region from the post-Ice Age time to the present day. The main exhibition introduces the special characteristics of the northern life following the rhythm of the seasons.

The annual events in Siida include ‘Skábmagovat – Reflection of endless night’ festival in January and the village’s Christmas Fest. In addition, Siida hosts environmental evenings and public lectures. Associations and companies may also reserve premises for their events in Siida.
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