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Kittilä Local History Museum
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The municipal cultural
services of Kittilä
Valtatie 15
FI-99100 Kittilä

Pakattiojantie 1, in Pakatti, approximately 6 kilometres from the centre of the parish village of Kittilä


Tel. +358 (0)40 869 7460 or
Tel. +358 (0)40 568 1356
2015: 30.6.-8.8. Tue-Sat 11-17 

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Free entrance

Approaching the Kittilä Local History Museum, attention is drawn to a traditional food storage building at the top of a strong pole. When visiting the museum, it is worth hearing the interesting history of this building that has been transferred to the location from Pomokaira.

In addition to the food storage building, the museum grounds feature eight buildings that have been transferred from various locations in the parish. The main building dates back to 1860s and has been furnished with traditional furniture and textiles. The farmstead also features a grain and goods shed, cowshed, stable, toilet, storehouse, and smoke-sauna. Collections are on display in these buildings.

The collections of the local history museum mostly consist of local villagers’ artifacts from the early 20th century. The collection was launched by Kittilä Association in the 1960s. The museum project was realized in 1979 and the museum opened to public in the same year.

The local history museum is located on the banks of the River Ounasjoki in Pakatti, approximately 6 kilometres from the centre of the parish village of Kittilä.
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