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The Vicarage and Parish Museum in Ranua
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Postal address:
Cultural services office
the municipality of Ranua
FI- 97700 Ranua


Pappilantie road next to the church registry office
Tel. +358 400 176 792

Tel. +358 40 867 0200


Tue -Thu 13pm - 18 pm.

Fri-Sun 11am - 14 pm.


Entrance fees:  
Free entrance

The Vicarage and Parish Museum in Ranua is located in the old vicarage built in 1916. The ground floor of the museum has been furnished in the likeness of the interior of a vicarage of a small parish in the 1930s–1950s.  During this period, Ilmari Salonen was the vicar of the parish. He has donated various items to the museum. The museum has been furnished according to Mr Salonen’s pictures and memoirs.

The offices of the vicarage included a secretarial office, bishop’s chamber, and parts of the hall. A ceremonial desk, at which many a local resident was married or christened, was on the right of the hall entrance. The organ in the opposing corner was used to accompany these events. The vicar’s family had the use of two chambers, a dining room, and a kitchen. 

The parish museum’s exhibition, located in the attic, includes items and pictures that illustrate the history of local trades, the dairy and food industries, and handicraft tools.


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