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Provincial Museum of Lapland
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Provincial Museum of Lapland
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The main objectives of the Provincial Museum of Lapland are to collect, preserve, and study the Lappish cultural and natural historic material. The collections of the Provincial Museum of Lapland mainly consist of objects related to life in Rovaniemi and Northern Ostrobothnia, and the Sami and gypsy cultures. The museum’s picture collection consist of approx. 300 000 photographs from Rovaniemi and Northern Ostrobothnia. The museum displays its collections in various ways, and aims to promote education, exchange of information, and research in the field.

The Provincial Museum of Lapland is an expert in Lappish culture, prehistory, history, building traditions, and the environment. The museum produces Nordic material for the needs of education, tourism, and other cooperation networks. The personnel of the museum provide assistance in various culturally historical, archaeological, and environmental questions, advice on issues related to the repair of sites of significant cultural historic value and subsidies available for such work, and participate in research conducted in these fields.

Revised in 2003, the Provincial Museum of Lapland’s permanent exhibition, Northern Ways, introduces the history and nature of the Sami region in Rovaniemi, Northern Ostrobothnia, and Upper Lapland. In addition to the permanent exhibition, the museum organizes several changing exhibitions and other events, such as public lectures and workshops, in the premises of Arktikum every year.
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