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The farmhouse that currently serves as a Local Heritage Building was built by Väinö Halonen, alocal government foreman and farmer, in 1947.  He was a well-known and liked person in Savukoski. His family consisted of a wife and five children. In addition to the residential building, the farmstead featured a cowshed and a lake-side sauna, which together form an entity typical of the post-war reconstruction era.

The ground floor of the residential building has been furnished following the original 1950s style interior of the house. The exhibition on the upper floor consists of local artefacts. The collection includes the equipment used by the local midwife Elina Oinonen. Farming related artefacts are on display in the cowshed.

The house remained the home of the Halonen family until 1972, after which it was left deserted. The municipality renovated the place for a conference and exhibition facility in 1997-1998. The municipality was awarded a Hurrikas prize by the building tradition association of the Lapland Province for its sympathetic renovation work that took into account the style and tradition of the old days. The local heritage building was opened to the public in 1998.

The main building of the Local History Museum Puistola is rented out for various events. Information and reservations at the cultural services office of the Savukoski municipality.
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